parTea #9 Bluebell Tea Room Danbury

We were so looking forward to today’s afternoon tea, I couldn’t have felt the need for a cuppa and cake more. We were booked in for lunch time which is great as that way I don’t get over hungry. The tea room had lots of lovely little gifts for sale, we were shown to our table straight away (right by the window which is always great) and the table was set up with the cutest plates and cutlery – all matching. The waitress had already taken our tea order as we were walking to our table, peppermint tea for myself and normal tea for my sister – the tea pots came out within 10 minutes with tea cosy’s on, I found this a really nice touch which made us both smile. It wasn’t long until our food arrived and it looked great! There was plenty of finger sandwich’s (10 in total, 5 each! 😁) with a selection of fillings including tuna, cheese and cucumber, ham and egg mayonnaise. One half of each sandwich was white and the other half brown bread – we’ve not seen this before, what a great idea! As we moved on to the scones there was one each, a fruit scone and a plain scone, which worked well for us as we had half each but the waitress who warmed them up for us when we were ready did give us the option of swapping so we could both have the same. Always a bonus for me when the scone is warmed up and there was clotted cream and Jam provided (although this wasn’t Tiptree jam which is unusual). A brilliant selection of cakes were waiting for us on the top layer, macaroon (although I must say not the best of flavours – pistachio and coffee, my sister is still yet to have a decent macaroon!), Victoria sponge, chocolate cake and a lemon slice. They tasted amazing 😋, although there wasn’t one each so we did cut the macaroons, chocolate and Victoria sponge in half to share and had a lemon slice each. I must admit I’m always a bit disappointed when we have to do this but there would have been far too much there if we had have had one each and it is better to have more of a selection. We spent some time discussing what our favourite cakes are, this is quite an interesting subject and I would be interested to hear what everyone else’s favourite is. I would always opt for chocolate as a first choice with lemon close behind and I do enjoy a chocolatey slice 🤤 (rocky road etc.) or flapjack which must fall within the cake bracket! We stopped off at a pub called The Anchor which is just round the corner on our way home for a chat about scores, this was definitely up there as a good one and we settled for an 8/10.



1st April 2017, quote of the day “getting out of bed makes me hungry” 😂



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