partea #10 Braxted Bakery (again 😬)

I can’t help but keep coming back to this lovely little tearoom, the afternoon tea’s and cakes have always been delicious and as the tea’s have changed since our last visit we decided we would grade this one again. This time it was made extra special with our Nan coming along as part of her Christmas treat. She had chosen to come here as one of the Afternoon tea’s we have promised her throughout the year 😊  So the three of us had our table booked and we sat straight down when we arrived, it was cosy and warm in the tearoom and fairly busy as it always is.  We chose our tea and these arrived promptly followed by a short wait for our finger sandwiches (we had an egg roll each and a choice of Ham, Tuna and cucumber with cream cheese all with crusts removed), Scones (we had 2 small scones each, one fruit and one plain) with jam and cream and then a brilliant selection of cakes.  2 scones each! As you can imagine this pleased me no end 😁  I love a scone and they were both very tasty.  The selection of cakes consisted of a strawberry Pavlova, Vienesse Swirl (I always forget how much I like these!!), chocolate brownie and a generous slice of lemon cake.  Although some of the sandwiches were not to my taste, I fully enjoyed every single cake and was really impressed with the two scones each!  It was a lovely afternoon with my sister and Nan and I actually enjoyed this afternoon tea more than our first visit which means we had to increase the score to a 9/10 


6th May 2017


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