Byron Burger

This weekend we took a trip to Byron Burger, I’ve only been here twice before but the burgers were delicious and there’s a lot of choices available with both beef and chicken (plus vegetarian options) on the menu.  This was my first visit since finding out about my intolerances so it was a bit of a test for me. I’d already taken a look at the menu online and had decided my safest bet was to go for the classic burger without mayonnaise and the sweet potato fries with a drink of water (I’m getting used to this but would be nice to have a little something different from time to time). When placing my order I let the waitress know I had a lactose intolerance as I didn’t want any butter or anything going in my roll, she immediately said the manager would need to come and speak to me before placing my order. I found this a bit embarrassing to be honest because I just hate making a fuss, but it was actually a good move as the manager came over with an allergy sheet. She asked me what I was planning on having and then went through the sheet to check if it was safe, unfortunately the roll wasn’t which meant I had to have the skinny option (this replaces the roll with some salad).  I decided to replace the roll I would double up on my Burger, this really wasn’t necessary 🐽, but it tasted good! The sweet potato fries were safe although the manager did warn me that there is a possibility of cross contamination with other friers that have used milk – as my intolerances aren’t too extreme I went with it and had no ill effects. I had no dressing on my salad and I really enjoyed my meal, if anything I had too much food and was far too full for the rest of the day!!  I was really pleased with how the restaurant dealt with my requests and would definitely feel comfortable coming back again and seeing what else I could have to eat from here. It’s worth checking out the website first to get an idea of what you could be ok having before you take a visit but for anyone with intolerances it’s worth giving it a go and seeing what you can have. 


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