I did promise I would broaden my horizon’s on my next eat out so here we go!  Having not heard of this place before it was nice to go somewhere completely new.  As you can imagine, me being me, I checked out the website a few days before and although it is part of a hotel and not to be confused with Milsom’s La Talbooth, you are unable to book a table.  This was not a problem and even if there is a short wait to be seated there is a bar which is always a good start to any meal.

Being unsure of the menu and with my dietary issues I contacted the restaurant before my visit to find out what was dairy free.  Unfortunately there isn’t as great deal of choice for dairy free or vegan eaters although there is a nice range for any gluten free’s out there.  Luckily for me, the 1 starter and main meal that were dairy free are right up my street and absolutely hit the spot for me.

I dressed smart / casual but I have to say it is the kind of place you could really dress up for or similarly dress down for.  There were varied groups of people in there ranging from families with young children (why would you do it to yourself!) to older couples enjoying a lovely evening meal.

To start I opted for the Warm shredded duck tacos, hoi sin sauce & crispy vermicelli (do not ask me what this is as I have no idea!), it was delicious.  I really enjoyed it – great size, not too big but enough to leave me wanting more and with my next choice of the 9oz fillet steak which is served with skinny fries I was certainly in for a treat.  I would actually put this down as one of the nicest steaks I have had, it’s right up there with the best actually – cooked to medium and I always enjoy any type of fries!  Although I wasn’t full to the brim I was satisfied and this is a more comfortable way to travel home, the only dessert that was dairy free was the Coconut & lime aranchini with rum & chilli salsa and I didn’t particularly like the sound of this although not opposed to trying it in the future.

Unfortunately I have really let the team down here by not getting a photo, my only excuse is that I was hungry when I arrived and the food looked so good I couldn’t waste time taking pics before tucking in!! The only thing that I felt let this place down is it’s lack of choice for those with dairy allergies or intolerances and I do hope this is improved in the future, with a lot of restaurants now catering for vegans and other dietary requirements I hope it won’t be long before Milsom’s ups it’s game.  However, this is the only downside as the meal was lovely and therefore it comes in at a strong 9/10.



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