Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

Having spent a lot of my childhood in Southwold it was lovely to take a visit down memory lane, although I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t recognise much of the town.  It is a lovely seaside town with many places to eat, this was the first tough decision which needed to be made!!  Having been given a few to select from I had spent some time researching the menu’s online, this was tough because there wasn’t only so much to choose from venue wise but many of them had great vegan or dairy free options available!

Finally a decision was made, the Sole Bay Inn right opposite a nice little sweet shop which I regret not popping in to!  Anyway, I made it into the Sole Bay Inn and was very lucky to grab a table as it is really popular and the place was already busy!!  It isn’t the biggest of places, but all tables were full by just a few minutes past 12 and many people were at the bar ordering drinks.  The place is dog friendly which is great for those who have been for a nice long dog walk and fancy getting a bite to eat on their way home, not so good for anyone with a fear of dogs – however, that is not me and I loved having a stroke with the dog at the bar when ordering my drink!!

The menu was vast, with many light bites to choose from to burgers and main meals it was a tough decision to make.  My choice is always made easier when there is a limit to the dairy free options, however this place had a lot even for me to choose from and there was even a chalk board with the specials and dessert options.

I toyed with the soup of the day, but this was pea and ham which has to be the all time worse flavour of soup out there!  There was jacket potatoes which is always one I like to fall back on and I was close to choosing the homemade chilli con carne / three bean chilli but I made my decision at the Grown Up’s Fish Finger Sandwich.

I informed the chef that I was dairy free so no butter was used and there was a swap on the bread which I thought was great customer service.  These fish fingers were proper battered cod loins and delicious!  It came out with dressed leaves (without the dressing for me!) and chips, it was a great lunch time choice which filled me up for most of the day!

I took a photo of the dessert menu, such a tease for me as there wasn’t anything suitable but it was nice to see there was a good choice for those who can eat dairy – even a gluten free option available.  I think I would have found it difficult to choose between them anyway!!  I really enjoyed it here, was lovely to walk along the seafront after the meal and the choice was great.  I would give this an 8/10 and would be happy to come back and try some other options on the menu.



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