Rachy goes vegan šŸ˜³

Yep you heard it, in 2019 I’m attempting a vegan diet šŸ˜³ my decision is based on improving my health in particular my IBS and stomach issues. As I’m already dairy free I feel as though I’m a quarter of the way there, not saying this won’t be a challenge because believe me it will be!

The thought of going without honey is a particularly scary thought and my current diet consists of a lot of eggs so it will be interesting to see how it goes without any hard boiled šŸ˜¬ Its a change I’m quite excited for and a challenge I’m ready to tackle. I’m conscious I need to ensure I’m getting adequate protein being a keen exerciser but I’m looking forward to an increase in vegetables which I believe is only going to do great things for my body.

I feel it’s time for a rebrand on my blog to reflect this, which leads to the birth of Rachygoesvegan ! You can read all about my journey and you will find reviews on all my eat outs, eat ins and snacking which I hope people may find useful and create inspiring ideas for new meals even for the hardened meat eaters.

For any long term vegans out there, I appreciate any help along the way and if I falter I apologise now. I can’t promise this is a “forever” life choice, all I can say is let’s give it 3 months and see how my tummy, body and mind deal with the changes and I’ll take it from there. Am I saying I’ll never eat a steak again? No, I’m not but I’m certainly going for as much of a vegan diet as I can handle.