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Vegan and Gluten free mince tart – COSTA

I know I only went in for a hot chocolate (made with soya milk), but this mince tart caught my eye and yes I am aware that I’ve never really liked mince pies but now I can’t be so choosey I thought I would give the vegan and gluten free mince tart a go.

I was glad I did, the pastry tasted great and I am not sure if this is just because I haven’t had anything like that for so long or if it is made with more sugar to substitute the lack of dairy but I am sure it tasted better than any pastry I have tasted before…. If I was asked would I prefer it to have been filled with chocolate or salted caramel the answer will of course be yes, however I was pleasantly surprised with the mince tart.

The big question is would I have it again and yes I would – as long as it wasn’t up against a vegan / dairy free slab of gooey, chocolate, caramel cake (I should not have written this when I was hungry).

I am going to go in with a 7/10, this may seem low but when you think until this date I have not actually liked mince pies I don’t think it can be classed as a bad score.