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Pizza Express 🍕

So I’ve committed a bit of a crime here, I came to pizza express and I didn’t have a pizza 😱 I apologise sincerely, my only excuse is that I really fancied some pasta 🤤. Seeing as I’d saved up some Tesco clubcard vouchers I got the meal pretty much free, this is always a bonus 😊

What I really like about pizza express is the options they have on their menu for vegans, I was disappointed to see that not everything which was on the online menu was available at this particular restaurant but I guess that’s the way it goes. I had the roasted tomatoes to start, if the option had been there I’d have gone for the vegan dough balls but the tomatoes were tasty with a strong flavour of garlic 👌🏼

After a lot of tooing and froing from pizza to pasta back to pizza I eventually decided to go for the Leggera Peperonata. This is penne pasta baked in a sauce of passata, rosemary, chilli flakes, garlic and roasted mixed peppers, finished with rocket and fresh parsley. It was just what I needed, great flavour and filling – it helps that I love pasta!

I did take a look at the dessert menu but I was full and there wasn’t anything that shone out at me so I gave it a swerve. Nice enough in here, pleased to have had a nice meal with my vouchers but next time I plan on using them at a different restaurant 👍🏼 but a good place to come especially if you are with a mix of people who like different things.



I can’t say Prezzo is ever my number 1 choice when going out for a meal, there’s no particular reason for this other than I feel a lot of the meals here I can make at home.  However, there is something for everyone from pasta and pizza to salads and burgers – everyone (even those who don’t like tomatoes or cheese 🤦🏻‍♀️) should be able to find a dish on this menu that they would enjoy.  When organising a get together for a number of people you just can’t go wrong with a Prezzo.  It’s very straightforward to book a table online and more often than not there are offers available which means you can have a great catch up with friends whilst enjoying a reasonably priced meal.  The restaurant in Maldon is big enough to seat large groups and there is also some outside seating available for the nice summer evenings.  The 7 of us were seated and we ordered drinks which didn’t take long to arrive and we were given some time to make a decision on food.  We chose to share a starter of the large garlic pizza bread (this was delicious) and the antipasti which is perfect to put in the middle of the table and help yourself.  I decided to go for the Chicken Milanese for my main which I have had once before – it is breaded chicken with some salad and spaghetti pasta in a sauce (choice of either pomadoro or Bolognese).   This comes out in a separate bowl to prevent the chicken and salad getting soggy although I just added it straight to my plate for ease of eating.  I’ve got to say I really enjoyed it, in fact I think everyone did – a mixture of pizza, pasta and risotto was ordered between us and each one of us had a pleasant meal.  Dessert menus were provided for us to have a little look over and I couldn’t help but go for the mini dessert (cheesecake with salted caramel sauce) and a hot chocolate.  I can’t say I needed this but it really did end the meal nicely 😊

A lovely evening was had by everyone and I would definitely recommend coming here with a group of friends to catch up and enjoy a meal – always look out for a voucher code as they often have one on the go.