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Perrywoods 🤤

Back again, I couldn’t resist – the vegan options here are amazing and it’s a great place to meet and catch up. I spent some time walking round the shop which is dangerous when you’re living on a budget 🤭

We got to the restaurant before 12 which was a good job as getting a table was a lot easier than for those who arrived after us. In fact, by the time we left there was a queue going right out the cafe door and into the shop!

The menu had a lot of choice – not only was there a whole menu just for vegan lunch time specials but they also have a ‘free from’ menu for those who are gluten or dairy free, it really does cater for all diet types which is fantastic.

There was almost too much choice 🤦🏻‍♀️ I really didn’t know what to go for as it all sounded so nice!! I ended up opting for the oven baked puff pastry shell filled with pesto and oven roasted vegetables, served with seasonal salad. It was different from anything I’ve seen at other restaurants and the first time I’ve had pastry since starting my vegan diet journey. Oh my god, I it was so so good! The flavour of the vegetables and pesto was just amazing and there was some potatoes sneaked in here too, the portion size was big and I ate every single last bit of it!

There’s no doubt that I would choose this again, however I have made the decision that I need to come back here and work my way down everything on that menu!! There’s also plenty of cakes available and I’m sure they have vegan scones 😋 this could quite easily be a regular place for me to visit 🙊


Another visit to Perrywoods….

A decision to make, where to go for lunch… Those that know me have grown to love (tolerate) the need for me to look online and choose what I am going to eat before turning up anywhere to eat.  This has only got worse since becoming dairy free, in fact I would argue its more of a necessity so that I know there is something I like available for me.

So, I was looking at local websites and it here it was – Perrywoods with not only a vegan menu but a dairy free menu including dairy and gluten free options, this is great progress for those of us with dietary requirements and I would recommend taking a look at their website.  Decision made, this is where I would be going for lunch and I actually arrived with a couple of ideas in mind.  The queue was huge, yes it was half term but thankfully not too many children about and in fairness it was just after midday so a very popular time to be having lunch.  The system was organised, after queuing up to order food a table was found by one of the waitresses to enable us to get seated which I think is a great way of working a queue although inevitable there were still customers who felt the need to find a seat before ordering.

It is worth pointing out that on top of the great menus which can be found on the website, there are also specials which I believe change daily and can be found on the boards when you go into the restaurant.  I had chosen and although there was a few dishes which were tempting me to change my mind I stuck to my guns and had the sweet potato falafel salad with a sweet chilli drizzle.

Despite being extremely busy in there, with all the staff working their socks off it wasn’t a long wait for the food to arrive – and it looked delicious.  Lovely selection of salad and a generous portion of potato falafel rosti’s, as you can see from the pic it was more than sufficient for lunch (even for me).  Part of me was considering ordering  a dairy free scone, even if it was to take home for later purely because I have not found anywhere else in the area to provide this – but I was good and thought I would hold off for another visit.  Yep, I would definitely be returning.  This deserves a high mark of 9.5/10, great selection for those with dietary requirements with the ability to see what is available online and the efficiency of the staff at such a busy time was out of this world.  I am looking forward to returning very soon to try out more on the menu, that scone is still calling me that’s for sure!


On a side note, for anyone who loves Christmas (eugh the C word) the decorations are out and its well worth a visit here to take a look around – you will do well to leave without buying something so do be warned!

The Lock Tearoom, Heybridge Basin

The next breaky stop was at The Lock Tearoom in Heybridge Basin, having been there numerous times before I knew the parking is easy, the location and tearoom is lovely so it’s always a nice place to go. I hadn’t had breakfast here since becoming dairy free and my normal choice would either have been the full fry up (with adjustments as it’s made fresh to order swaps can be made) or scrambled egg on toast.  On this occasion I decided to play it safe with beans on toast without the butter and explained I was dairy free.  The waiter was very helpful and said they do have dairy free spread which is what I opted for and always makes the classic meal of beans on toast that bit tastier, I also had the choice of either white or granary bread.  I appreciate this isn’t the most difficult of breakfasts to cater for but it was very nice, the menu is good and they accommodate my dairy free requirements well.  I am not sure if there are any cake or sweet options available in a dairy free range but it is something I would hope to check out in the future.

I would recommend coming here for breakfast, it’s a lovely setting to have something to eat, parking is free with plenty of spaces available and you could follow up with a walk along the seawall. I can’t say it blew me away which to be honest could be down to the fact I had standard beans on toast, but it is a solid 7.5/10.




Breakfasts – Continental Coffee Shop, Maldon

Breakfasts = the new afternoon tea? 🤔 Well, perhaps not but at the moment it’s the best I can do.  So, we often like to catch up over breakfast on a Sunday morning, it’s a great time of day to get out and enjoy one of the best meals of the day.  Who doesn’t like a nice late morning breaky to set you up for the day ahead?

We began the tour de breaky in Continental Coffee with a nice early start of 9:30am which meant we got a table without any issues. We even got a favourite seat by the window which allows for people watching on the High Street.  The coffee shop itself is quite small which does mean there is limited seating although I think it is possible to book we didn’t on this occasion and it did fill up quickly.  In the summer months there is the bonus of outside seating which I think would be lovely and had we been in a hotter month with some sunshine I imagine we would have enjoyed sitting in the courtyard.  It has a good atmosphere and some very tasty looking cakes by the till which would be tempting if I could enjoy one.

The breakfast menu is varied and caters for lots of different tastes, whether it be a small plate of jam on toast or a larger cooked breakfast – the choice is there.  Being dairy free I find this all a bit awkward but the easiest thing for me to go for is beans on toast without the butter, nice and easy plus very enjoyable.  My friends opted for a breakfast bap which I must say looked great and some bacon with eggs on toast – again a great option to go for and we were all happy.  Obviously, the usual tea and coffee or juices were available but I stuck with my water whilst the big kids with me enjoyed a rather nice milkshake, there were so many flavours available I was quite jealous.  We all came away happy and comfortably full, nice menu and a lovely little tea room at a reasonable price.  I think it is worth visiting here if you like a lighter breakfast for a catch up with friends and would mark this at a solid 8/10.